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Affordable Medicine

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Maple City Health Care Center and Vista Community Health Center offer a program to reduce the cost of medicine for low-income patients.

The program is called the federal 340B Drug Discount Program.

Rose Gillin and Susana Alonzo review a prescription

Rose Gillin and Susana Alonzo review a prescription

We estimate that thanks to the 340B Drug Discount Program, our patients benefit from a general savings of 20% to 50% on many prescriptions and even more on some drugs.

For example, many of our patients with diabetes need a drug called Actos. The typical cost of Actos is $162. With the 340B discount, the cost to our patients is $4.

Many people struggle to pay for the medicine they need. About a third of our patients have no insurance. In the past, some people tried to live without their prescriptions. Now, these medications are much more affordable.

The 340B Drug Discount Program supports our mission to foster a healthy community by providing affordable and accessible health care.

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