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We are a health care home offering affordable health care to build community across cultures. We value relationships, integration, and empowerment.


A health care home is a place where people can obtain a wide range of health care help. Being a health care home means that we invest in building long term relationships with our patients, with each other, and with the community. We think about and work toward the health of the community as well as the health of individual patients. For more on this topic, click Health Care Home


We believe that every person deserves access to health care. Part of our mission is to provide affordable, accessible health care for the people in our neighborhoods. We work to make our health care affordable using strategies such as sliding discounts, nurturing staff satisfaction, and relying on healthy relationships with our patients for security rather than resorting to defensive medicine. For more on this topic, click Affordable Health Care


Lonely, isolated people often experience poor health. Conversely, people who have healthy relationships and live in a caring community are more likely to experience good health. Rather than define ourselves as a health care organization that does some community development activities on the side, we define ourselves as a community development organization whose primary community development activity is providing health care. For more on this topic, click Building Community


Our patients come from a wide variety of cultures. Our Hispanic patients, for example, come from Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and from Central, and South America. Anglo patients come from Appalachia, Russia, and the Ukraine. Asian patients come from Pakistan, Viet Nam, and Cambodia. Both our staff and Board are made up of people from many cultures.
We help each other understand our different cultures. In a similar manner, we learn about the cultural attitudes and expectations of our patients through our investment in relationships. For more on this topic, click Across Cultures


At Maple City Health Care Center, we see how healthy relationships between providers and patients leads to improved physical health for patients and improved job satisfaction for providers. The more that patients trust providers and the more that providers know about the lives and histories of patients, the better we can prevent, diagnose, and treat illnesses. In fact, our experience shows us that the caring made possible by strong relationships is one of the most powerful medicines we can offer. We also invest in the relationships between people who work and volunteer here and in relationships between people in the community. For more on this topic, click Our Values - Relationships


Integration in health care means that we care for the whole patient, not just certain body parts. For us, the opposite of integration is isolation and fragmentation. For example, isolating values from practices leads to personal and organizational dishonesty. Isolating support staff from providers leads to resentment and arrogance. Integration in staff management means a relatively level pay structure. It means valuing the contribution of every member of the staff. Integration in organizational structure means that patients serve as members of the Board of Directors. In this way, the people who receive care are the same people who care for the mission and vision of the organization. For more on this topic, click Our Values - Integration


We see power as an infinite resource to be nurtured and multiplied rather than a limited commodity that we must protect and hoard. In health care, empowerment means offering patients tools they can use to improve their health. Empowerment in staff management means that jobs are adjusted to the ever growing skills of each employee. For more on this topic, click Our Values - Empowerment

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